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IN3900 Series Interactive Projector

These short throw projectors with breakthrough LiteBoard™
interactive technology let teachers and other professionals interact
with the projected image – turning any surface into an engaging,
collaborative interactive workspace.

It’s like an interactive whiteboard without the board.

Use wand as a mouse to draw, write and click
Control all your favorite PC or Mac applications with the wireless LiteBoard Wand just as you
would with your mouse.
 The LiteBoard Wand has left-click and right-click buttons, a scroll wheel, and more
 Draw and annotate on the visuals you're projecting
 Quickly undo your markups with the wand’s Undo button
 Easily advance and reverse your presentation slides
 No special software is needed: it works with the software you use today

Interact up close or away for maximum accessibility
Anyone can participate and interact because they don't need to touch the image – just point
and click the wand. You can’t do that with an interactive whiteboard.
 Teachers can interact with the images while out in the class with the students
 Ordinary business meetings turn into collaboration sessions
 People of any height, including wheelchair users, can interact with all parts of the image
 The visually-impaired benefit from ultra-large images

Connect your collaboration and classroom tools
Easily connect your PC or Mac, DVD player, or document reader via a multitude of inputs. The
IN3916 model even lets you present from a USB thumb drive and includes HDMI, networking
(LAN), and RS232 ports.
 Display over USB port sends audio and video in one cable (IN3916 only)
 IT administrators can control the projector remotely via the LAN port (IN3916 only)
 Connect wirelessly with optional 802.11 b/g wireless module (IN3916 only)

Room-filling audio
Get your message across from the front row to the back with the IN3900 projector’s clear and
powerful audio system – one of the best you’ll hear in this price range.
 Integrated 20-watt stereo speakers (2 × 10 w)
 Preserve your voice with dedicated dynamic microphone input
 Narration feature lets your voice be heard over the audio of your presentation/video
 Advanced audio processor shapes the sound for best performance

Minimal shadow interference
Get big images when the IN3900 short throw projector is close to the wall to reduce shadows,
free up space and reduce ambient noise.
 Project a 5 feet (1.5 m) wide interactive image from only 2.6 feet (0.8 m) away (IN3916 model)
 Interact with an image that can be up to 150” (3.8 m) wide (diagonal)
 Install on wall or ceiling or place on a tabletop or media cart
 Display 3D video and images created in the top emerging 3D standards
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